Too Old For Trains | EP5

In EPISODE 5 The Wolves talk about Fyre Festival, Chris Brown’s false rape accusation, and if your girl cheated. Also discussed, DMX released from prison, sexual partner numbers, and Versus.

Shaft of Sarcasm | EP4

In EPISODE 4 The Wolves discuss muting the “N word”, sexual fetishes and lying to get sex. Also dirty underwear for sale, Soulja Boy and the introduction of two new segments, F@#K – Marry – Kill, and Versus.

Belly Fat Bang | EP3

It’s EPISODE 3 and we’re still on. RUCA teaches SDot English, more cushion for the pushin’ and the Jeff Bezos divorce. Also too much lubrication, passionate kisses and The Wolves take listener questions.

Double Butt Stuffed Oreo | EP2

Who thought it…back for EPISODE 2! The Wolves discuss the docu-series Surviving R. Kelly, skater posers, the Bird Box phenomenon, introduction of the segment Questions for the Wolves, and obviously BUTT STUFF.