From Drums to UFOs | Episode 30

On this weeks episode Minneapolis-based drummer, Charlie D Landa joins me. (Follow on Instagram at We discuss his road to success, his passions and what advice he has for people just getting into the music scene. Website: Instagram: or

Don’t Plume Me Bro | Episode 29

On this episode RUCA talks about friends who choke you out with vape smoke. Also discussed summer block parties, and peer pressure gone wrong. Follow weekly at and at

40,000% Narcissist | Episode 28

Follow weekly at and at On this very heated episode The Wolves battle over djing. Also discussed Babypod, murder/ crime podcasts and their weekends.

Rapey on the River | Episode 26

On this episode the wolves discuss, douchey friends, the weekend on the river, dumb laws and the Democratic Debates. Also animal and baby Instagram accounts, and Lil Nas X comes out.